Moving or migrating from Galeon to Firefox

I have been using the Galeon web browser for many years. At the time I first started using it , it was one of the few browsers that was not bloated and just did web browsing.

Galeon is no longer being developed and I have been thinking about moving to Firefox for some time. Some sites have not displayed that well in Galeon and I have started to use Sitebar web based bookmark manager ( see my blog page here for details of how to install Sitebar on your own site ) which works best in a browser that can do a bookmark in a sidebar such as Firefox.

The main reason for my delay in moving to Firefox has been the lack on a clone tab function – I use this all the time in Galeon and miss this when I use Firefox. However in Firefox 3 I can now do a clone tab , all you need to do is hold down the control key and drag the tab to where you want the clone and it’s done.

I wanted to import all my Galeon bookmarks and saved passwords into Firefox. Although Firefox does not have a nice import wizard for Galeon settings it can be done quite easily.

Importing Galeon bookmarks into Firefox

Galeon bookmarks are in xbel format which Firefox cannot import directly¬† ( if you are using Sitebar you can import xbel format bookmarks into sitebar ) however Galeon can export it’s bookmarks in HTML format.

Start up Galeon , select Bookmarks form the tool bar – Edit Bookmarks , Bookmark – Export – Export to Mozilla

Hit Forward on the druid and the next page will show possible locations of your Mozilla bookmarks ( you don’t need Mozilla installed ) and asks you for a location to save the file. Do not use the location ( if any ) suggested but instead save the bookmarks to a file called bookmarks.html in your home directory.

Start up Firefox , select Bookmarks – Organise bookmarks

Select Import and Backup from the toolbar

Select Import HTML from the pull down menu

Select the bookmarks.html file you saved above and hit Open. The new bookmarks are merged into the existing Firefox bookmarks.

Importing Galeon saved passwords into Firefox

This assumes you do not have any saved passwords in Firefox already, if you have then make a note of what they are by going to Edit – Preferences – Security – Saved Passwords – Show Passwords

Find where your Galeon and Firefox profiles are :-

find ~ -name signons3.txt

This should pick up where your Firefox profile directory is , it will be something like ~/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxx.default   where xxxxxx is a string of random letters.

Quit out of Firefox and Galeon.

Go to the Galeon profile directory found above and copy the files key3.db and signons3.txt to your Firefox profile directory overwriting the existing files.

Start up Firefox and go to Edit – Preferences – Security – Saved Passwords – Show Passwords to check your passwords are now there.

Having used Firefox for a while I miss the Galeon feature where unread tags are a different colour. There is however a plugin to Firefox that amongst other things will colour unread tags – the plugin is Tab Mix Plus .It does far more than colour unread tags and is well worth looking at.

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