Setting up email on a Linux VPS server


In my previous blogs I have documented getting my Linux VPS server and installing WordPress blogging software. Next comes email.

There are really two parts – the sending and receiving of emails at the server level and the reading and sending emails from the desktop client. I will also setup Webmail sometime in the future.

For the server the two most popular *IX  MTAs are Sendmail and Postfix , with Sendmail being the standard on Unix servers and Postfix the standard on Linux servers. I choose Postfix as I’ve exclusively used Sendmail in the past and I wanted to see what it was like.

As for the client reading and sending emails I decided to use Dovecot which has become very popular at providing POP3 and IMAP services.

I wanted to avoid connecting to the server with plain text passwords and so TLS was to be used for encryption and  SASL for authentication.

There are two excellent Wiki entries for setting up Postfix , Dovecot and SASL/TLS on Centos.

Setup basic Postfix and Dovecot first ( the only thing extra I had to do was a chown -R user /home/user/Maildir in section 3.3 )

Once the above works then do the  SASL/TLS setup

If you have a firewall setup like me then you need to allow ports 993 and 995 for the encrypted versions of imap and pop3.

For Centos 6 use system-config-firewall-tui to easily configure the firewall for IMAP and optionally pop3.

Future things to do are to install a Spam control system and a Webmail application.

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