Solaris FTP chroot on Netapp mounted filesystem

When setting up Solaris chroot FTP where the user’s home directory is on a NFS mounted Netapp filesystem you may encounter an error when doing ftpconfig :-

myhost# ftpconfig  -d  /input/jblogs

Updating directory /input/jblogs
ftpconfig: Error: Creation of devices in /input/jblogs/dev failed

To be able to run mknod to create devices ( which the ftpconfig does ) requires the Netapp volume to be exported with setuid  enabled.

Even though the mount command on Solaris seemed to show that setuid was set on the mount – the volume on the Netapp server had not been exported with setuid.

You don’t have to mount and remount the filesytem.

For security you should turn off setuid once you have finished doing your ftpconfig

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