The search for a web hosting plan

The web hosting plan I wanted had to give me full control.
It had to be Centos Linux and allow me to install what software I wanted.
A dedicated server would be ideal but I could not justify the cost so I looked at VPS ( Virtual Private Servers ). These give you pretty much full control and are fairly reasonable.

The Search

A Google search for Linux VPS servers brings up a huge choice of hosting companies and plans.

So how to choose ?

I suggest getting a VPS with a minimum of 512MB of memory if you want host web apps that use a Mysql backend – WordPress for example.

If you want  to use your own IPtables firewall rules  and I suggest you do – then ensure that the hypervisor supports this – if in doubt email the hosting company before buying a plan.

Some VPS plans had easy to use front panels where you can just click to install software packages but I’m quite happy to install and configure things manually.

Most plans offer a choice of Linux versions – I was after Centos which is hugely popular for self hosting so there were lots of companies and plans to chose from.

Cost was of course a big decider. The fact I was willing to do manual installs without a fancy front panel meant I could look at the cheaper no frills plans.

In the end I decided to get a VPS server from Tagadab

They are very reasonable and I had my VPS  available in 10mins.


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